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There are not nearly enough jobs for people with new Ph.D. degrees.  Two-thirds of those teaching English and foreign languages in colleges and universities (with or without the Ph.D.) are off the tenure track.  The numbers are similar in most humanities and social science fields, and far from good in the sciences.  I’m going to leave non-liberal arts fields out of this discussion, noting only that a lot of teaching in, say, law and business is done by adjuncts, too.  In my last blog on this subject (March 12), I said I’d later discuss ways of fighting this change for the worse in academic labor.  It is bad for thousands of contingent workers, and ruinous for our profession.  In this installment I will focus on that last point, and speak of measures that might bring the supply of qualified professionals more in line with the demand for them.  Sorry for the market language, but we are in a market–well, you are; I’m retired–and a profession tries to be a market haven for its members, including those newly certified.


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A recent edition of India’s left-liberal daily, The Hindu (3.30.2010), included an op-ed piece, concerning yet another demonstration by Hyderabad’s Osmania University students, this time off campus, in front of the home of Kanch Ilaiah, the op-ed writer. The students were Telananga separatists, protesting his non-support for their cause because he came out in support of the region’s “Tribals” who are seeking their own state within the current debate over partitioning the state of Andhra Pradesh into two states. (more…)

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